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Announcing the 2022 Artist Fellowships Grant Cycle

Dan Blask, Program Officer

Lynda Schlosberg (Painting Fellow ’20), CROSSING OVER (2019), acrylic on panel, 36×36 in

Mass Cultural Council believes that the work of individual artists is essential to a thriving society. We are excited to announce the Fiscal Year 2022 grant cycle of the Artist Fellowships to support Massachusetts artists.

The Artist Fellowships are unrestricted awards to in recognition of exceptional creative work by Massachusetts artists. This year, Mass Cultural Council is committing over $1 million to the Artist Fellowships, with the goal of doubling the artists funded through the program.

The Fellowship grants are $15,000. Finalist awards will increase this year from $1,500 to $5,000.

In all categories except Traditional Arts, the Artist Fellowships are judged anonymously. Independent review panels make grant decisions based on the artistic quality and creative ability of the original work submitted. (In Traditional Arts, the review is not anonymous, there is additional review criteria, and the submitted work does not need to be original.)

There are two deadlines per grant cycle. The discipline categories are divided between the two deadlines.

Applications are now being accepted in:

  • Choreography
  • Poetry
  • Traditional Arts

Application Deadline: October 25, 2021.

Beginning December 15, 2021, applications will be accepted in:

  • Drawing & Printmaking
  • Fiction/Creative Nonfiction
  • Painting

Application Deadline: January 24, 2022.

The Artist Fellowships categories recur every other year. Next year (FY23), we will accept applications in:
Crafts, Dramatic Writing, and Sculpture/Installation/New Genres (Fall deadline)
Film & Video, Music Composition, and Photography (Winter deadline)

New this Cycle

We are very pleased to announce that, due to an increase in Mass Cultural Council’s annual state budget appropriation, we have increased the Finalist award amount from $1,500 to $5,000. The Fellowship award amount will remain at $15,000.

Please note that this year, we have upgraded to a new grants management system. Learn how to register in our system.

Read our tips on applying for an Artist Fellowship.

Register for an info session on October 5, 2021.

Massachusetts has been awarding Artist Fellowships since 1975. Hear the stories of some of the incredible artists who have received support in the last 45+ years.

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