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Advocate in the State Senate

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We have a unique opportunity to increase state support for culture and ensure Mass Cultural Council continues its work in partnership with communities across the Commonwealth.

Sen. Ed Kennedy of Lowell, Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development, has filed amendments to the Senate Ways and Means budget for the coming fiscal year that would accomplish two key goals:

  • Amendment #686 would boost funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences to $18 million for FY20, our highest state appropriation since 2001. These additional dollars would allow us to increase grants for our nonprofits, local cultural councils, cultural districts, school and youth programs, and artists.
  • Amendment #832 corrects language from the Ways & Means plan that would constrain Mass Cultural Council’s ability to provide services to local communities, artists, and nonprofits. Professional development, volunteer workshops, convenings, technical assistance: These vital services and the partnerships they help foster set Mass Cultural Council apart from other agencies of its kind and ensure we can support the broad cultural ecosystem in Massachusetts.

Please Ask Your State Senator to Cosponsor the Kennedy Amendments #686 and #832 Today

Cosponsors signal broad-based support to these amendments and for the cultural sector. The Senate will take up amendments to the Ways & Means budget plan for FY20 next week.

Find the contact information for your state Senator online.

For additional background, please see our FY20 budget request, and read an overview of our services at work in communities. Contact Greg Liakos or Carmen Plazas for additional information.

Thank you for your advocacy! And here’s a sample email:

Dear Senator [name]

I am writing to respectfully ask that you cosponsor two amendments for arts and culture:

  • Amendment #686 which would boost funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences to $18 million for FY20
  • Amendment #832 which would allow the Mass Cultural Council to continue to offer vital services and individualized support to the cultural sector

[Include an example of the way you and/or your organization has benefited from Mass Cultural Council services].

Here in [city/town name], we have benefited from our partnership with the Mass Cultural Council, and I hope you will support them by cosponsoring both amendments.

Thank you,

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