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Norton Cultural Council

Our mission: To help Norton residents and communities build meaningful connections through culture, the arts, and interpretive sciences.

The Norton Cultural Council (NCC) is a volunteer organization supporting the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences in the community. We achieve this in many ways, including the annual funding of programs and initiatives that nurture positive opportunities for expression and participation. The NCC also provides general support to local projects and cultural programming. All of these efforts maximize benefits for Norton citizens by giving access to a diverse range of cultural programs that serve our variety of populations.

As a member of the Local Cultural Council network, we at the NCC are excited to have access to a pool of funds that support community efforts that align with our vision and values. The annual grant cycle gives the public an opportunity to apply for those funds and we look forward to your application. Each year we are consistently amazed and inspired by the talented people and organizations applying for funding.

We are looking for volunteers!

The Norton Cultural Council has openings. Being a member is deeply rewarding and can provide opportunities to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. If you are interested in serving the community and learning more about the vibrant town we live in, a place on the Council could be an excellent possibility for you.

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Catherine Headen, Chair

70 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766-2320

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

We believe arts and culture significantly contribute to the economic and social wellness of our town. We value community connections and aim to make sure residents build relationships with one another and find resources to live fulfilled lives. We will continue to build upon the network that provides residents and organizations with access to information from the municipal, state, and federal levels.

The Council prioritizes programming that intersects with broader community themes, initiatives, or events as they arise in a given year. The Council does consider partial funding in order to support as many worthwhile projects/programs as possible. Historically our typical project awards were from $100-$700. In 2024, our minimum project award will be $250.

For FY24, we are particularly interested in projects that address any of the following:
• Of particular benefit to Norton residents.
• Help to define what makes Norton special.
• Celebrate green spaces or take place in community-accessible outdoor areas.
• Build connections between people.
• Are adaptable to virtual platforms.
• Reflect a spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

FY24 Local Guidelines

General Application Requirements
Applications must:
• Be complete and written clearly.
• Have access to an active email address.
• Provide clear benefit for Norton residents.
• Offer an activity, event, or piece concerning culture, the arts, or interpretive sciences.
• Be able to fulfill the reimbursement guidelines successfully.

Application requirements for events and performances:
• Programs must take place in a local venue; preference will be given to projects with a scheduled date included at the time of application.
• A letter of support from the venue is strongly encouraged.
• Venues must be fully accessible to all visitors in person and virtually. Preference will be given to projects that can adhere to remote participation (except where prohibited or excluded by terms and conditions).

Additional application requirements for public art installations:
• Sculptor, artist, or group must have a proven track record (including past completed or installed works) and portfolio.
• Sculptor, artist, or group needs to be local (based in New England with a preference for residents and college students of Norton and adjoining towns).
• Piece must be publicly accessible to persons of all abilities onsite and/or virtually.
• Must include clearly detailed plans for how to engage the local community (Norton and adjoining towns) in the artwork selection process.
• Location of artwork must be included in the application.
• Documentation of approval from the site administrator or owner.
• Artist and/or site will be responsible for artwork installation and/or removal.
• Preference will be given to artworks designed with sufficient durability. Outdoor works should be able to withstand New England weather conditions for the length of the display, with the exception of works that are intentionally ephemeral.
• Artwork should be low- or no-maintenance.
• Artworks should be engineered with safety in mind and with reasonable anticipation of moderate interaction with passersby, including students, local residents, and children.
• Artwork must not violate copyright or trademark law.
• Funds are contingent on final approval of artwork by the Council.
• Final execution must be materially similar to the proposed concept.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

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FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Applause Academy MA, Inc. A Round of Applause: 2022-2023 season $670
Applefield, Janet Combating Hate and Prejudice $350
Attleboro Community Theatre, Inc. Scripts, Posters, Programs for "A Christmas Carole" A Play $250
Churchill, Sandy Adult Seasonal Paint Nights $1,170
Churchill, Sandy Children's Seasonal Paint Days $820
Churchill, Sandy Teen Paint with the Masters Program $820
Daly, Rachel Americana and Original works for horn $270
Driscoll, Kevin H. Paul Revere & Friends $250
Easton Children's Museum, Inc. Finding Your Voice Through STEAM $270
Fuller Craft Museum, Inc. Craft for All $270
Fuller Craft Museum, Inc. Craft for Kids $270
Hart, Francis The “Me” Decade - A Cultural Review of the 1970s Through Music $320
Hart, Francis A Cultural and Historical Reflection of the 1960s through the Music of The Beatles $250
Illuminate Creative & Theatrical Arts Company, Inc. Illuminate Media Team $700
Jewelry City Steampunk Festival, Inc. Jewelry City Steampunk Festival 2023 $250
Land Preservation Society of Norton, Inc. Your Introduction to The Land Preservation Society of Norton $490
Lappen, Henry Henry the Juggler Performance $320
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! $250
Newman, Howard Music for Seniors $270
Perry, Hayley C. Pour Painting and Squeegee Painting $435
Perry, Hayley C. Wool Quillie Wreath & Wool Flower Pin Kits $370
Porcino, John P. To Life: Celebrations in Story, Song and Music $250
Rull, Thomas E. "A Musical Journey Through the Years" $309
Self Help, Inc. Authentic Voices: Let's Learn about the First People $900
Sharon Community Chamber Orchestra, Inc. Easton Chamber Music Festival $250
Silvia, Elizabeth The Mike and Beth Cabaret Show Live! $470
Southeastern Massachusetts Arts Collaborative Southeastern Massachusetts Wind Symphony $200
Southeastern Massachusetts Arts Collaborative SMARTS Winter and Summer Artists $200
Stockwell, Bernadette Norton: Do Your ARt! $200
The Attleboro Museum, Inc. "High Art" Exhibition: Elemental $200
The Un-Common Theatre Company, Inc. Fall Production - Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka $470
The Un-Common Theatre Company, Inc. YPP Production - Disney’s Descendants: The Musical $470
The Un-Common Theatre Company, Inc. Spring Production – Catch Me If You Can: The Musical $470
The Un-Common Theatre Company, Inc. Young Adult Summer Production – Cabaret $470
York, Matt The Highwaymen Songs & Stories $370

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