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Fitchburg Cultural Council

The Fitchburg Cultural Council is committed to supporting diverse and inspiring programs for its residents. These programs: arts, science and humanities provide cultural enrichment in the everyday lives of our community. We serve as a conduit for conveying artistic and culturally based activities through community programs and grant solicitation. The selection of recipients and awarding of funds for grant recipients is primarily made possible from resources from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as well as fundraising endeavors and other charitable donations

¡LLAME PARA NUEVOS MIEMBRO Buscando: Artistas • Estudiantes • Contadores • Multilingües ¡Y cualquier persona interesada en involucrarse con las artes y la cultura en nuestra comunidad! Asista a nuestras reuniones mensuales que están abiertas al público. Envíenos un correo electrónico hoy a para obtener más información.

Check our our Community Calendar on our city hall webpage for important dates and events, meeting info, fcc funded and community events.

>The FCC meets on the 3rd Tuesday from 4:30-5:30 pm at the Legislative Building at The Fitchburg City Hall. Meetings air on FB Live and replayed on FATV.

Check out our new show, FCC TV on Fitchburg Access Television or online.

Grant training Sessions:

Wednesday, 9/15 & Thursday, 9/23 , 5:30-6:30 PM, at Fitchburg State University, Hammond Hall, G11.

Attendees will be guided through the entire application and reporting process, leaving time for questions at the end. There will be two Grant training sessions held during the 2021 open application season in person and virtually. Please email us if you would like to attend via zoom.

Join our fb group: Fitchburg Cultural Council Group

Visit our city hall webpage:


Tamar Russell Brown, Chairperson

718 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420-3125

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FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

FCC 2022 Grant Season Priorities:

All applications and supplemental materials must be submitted online. For special assistance, contact The Fitchburg Cultural Council via email: For additional questions, call 978-829-1804.

Based on feedback online and from attendees at its annual Community Input Meeting, (THANK YOU) the Fitchburg Cultural Council will prioritize the following:

1 – Priority will be given to applicants who live or work in Fitchburg and/or who offer programs and presentations that specifically benefit a wide range of audiences in the Fitchburg community.

2 – Priority will be given to applications reaching teens, the disabled and people of color, with special attention to teens, low-income and immigrant communities.

3 – Priority will be given to educational programming for teens, school aged children, the disabled, people of color, low-income, and immigrant communities. Educational programming may include technical assistance or trainings for start-ups and businesses that desire to open in Fitchburg, as well as assisting artists/musicians/performers with supplies to offer classes to Fitchburg?s youth.

4 – We will prioritize funding for live community gatherings: events, festivals, performances, networking events, and public markets, that can be made free to the public and that celebrate Fitchburg?s local history, culture and diversity and support networking among community groups.

5 – We will offer operating support-based funding, ie.: Funding expenses for artist residencies, artist affordable housing projects, funding supplies for arts and cultural programming, funding ticket subsidy programs, funding for the day-to-day operations of an organization that provides arts and culture programming, funding for individual artists materials to do their work, funding for streaming platforms for virtual programming.

6 – Publicity: In an effort to respond to the request for more media attention via our own platforms and contacts, we will prioritize events where PR is included in the proposal and even expense requests for PR services. We will also prioritize projects based around marketing and outreach to get the message of Fitchburg?s cultural programing out to the rest of the Commonwealth.

7 – Due to the pandemic, events and projects on Zoom or other video or streaming platforms that sustain expenses related to auto/video recording, etc. will be considered.

FY22 Local Guidelines

FCC 2022 Grant Season Requirements:

1 – Letter of Support: If you do not live or work in the City of Fitchburg, you are required to provide a letter of support from your project/performance venue or local partner.

2 – Time/Venue Required: Applicants MUST specify at least one arranged venue for their activity and a specific date or range of dates. ALL applicants must provide a letter from your venue detailing their intent to set a date for your project.

3 – Partners and Advisors: When you are listing local contributors / partners, please provide names and list their qualifications and in what way they will be assisting you.

Notes on Funding:

Funding Limits: In order to fund as many viable projects as possible, the Fitchburg Cultural Council will be capping grants at $1000.00. You may wish to request more than $1,000 and are welcome to include it in your application. If, after granting monies to all viable projects, there are still remaining funds to be dispersed, the council will award additional funds according to the priorities listed above.

Funding Sources: As always, we encourage Applicants to seek multiple sources for funding. On your application, you MUST list all other sources of financial assistance and grants that you have applied for and/or received. If your project will NOT happen without funding from the Fitchburg Cultural Council, you MUST let us know. For links to other programs and grants offered by the Mass Cultural Council, please visit:

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

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Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

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