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Community Guidelines

Mass Cultural Council’s online forums are a space for asking questions and sharing knowledge about the cultural sector. Help create a safe and welcoming experience for everyone by following these community guidelines:

Treat others as you would like to be treated

The following activities will NOT be tolerated:

  • Spamming: trolling, or posting advertisements, links to malicious websites, and abusive or otherwise unwanted information.
  • Making personal attacks against other community members.
  • Posting anyone’s personal information, or otherwise sensitive information.
  • Posting racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or other discriminatory remarks.
  • Posting profanity, offensive or graphic material.
  • Posting links to illegal downloads or services.
  • Spreading misinformation.

Refrain from self-promotion and marketing

Our aim is to facilitate conversations in the online forums, not to promote for-profit ventures.

Respect contributors to the forum

  • Please ask before sharing someone’s comments outside of the forum.
  • Do not mine the forum for email addresses and/or contact information.

Report inappropriate content

  • Please report any content that does meet these Community Guidelines by flagging that post directly, or emailing Dawn Heinen.
  • Online forum users who violate our Community Guidelines will be notified and their posts removed.

By posting to the forum, you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of Mass Cultural Council. If we feel a comment or forum post is inappropriate/harmful, it will be removed.

Thank you in advance for respecting others and contributing to this learning network.

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