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EBT Card to Culture Successes in Year 2

Kalyn King, Program Officer

Worcester Art Museum's Arms and Armor Art Cart
Worcester Art Museum’s Arms and Armor Art Cart

The second year of EBT Card to Culture showed continued growth and enthusiasm. Last year:

  • 34 new organizations joined the program, including The Hanover Theater, Blue Man Group, Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum, and Historic New England’s sites all across Massachusetts.
  • 194,657 EBT Card to Culture admissions were reported.
  • Overall visitation from EBT cardholders was up 11%.

We are proud to partner with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services’ Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) on EBT Card to Culture, the nation’s most comprehensive effort to expand cultural access for low-income families.

EBT Card to Culture is a powerfully inclusive, community-based program that supports the goals of our Universal Participation Initiative. With the EBT card as an indicator of eligibility; more than 200 participating cultural organizations throughout Massachusetts simply offer a regularly available, free or discounted, admission or tuition.

Feedback from EBT cardholders has been incredibly positive and touching. Organizations report many new visitors through the program, and the return of patrons who hadn’t been able to visit in years.

Through this program, a mother whose family was between homes was able to gift her children tickets to an A Far Cry concert for Christmas. The tickets didn’t have an “EBT” code on them or draw attention to the fact that they were discounted in any way, and customer service was seamless. The family said they were able to have a special night out together and have a sense of normalcy for an evening despite the other turmoil in their lives.

Another mother visited the Worcester Art Museum (WAM), and brought her children who attended for free, through EBT Card to Culture.  On their way out, the mother brought her children to WAM’s donation box and put a few dollars in. She then told her children that it is always important to pay for art.

We offer thanks to each of the organizations participating in EBT Card to Culture. Access to cultural experiences is making a tangible difference in the lives of EBT cardholders. We are grateful that this exemplary partnership continues to grow here in Massachusetts, and is being replicated nationwide.

Organizations interested in joining EBT Card to Culture can use this form to sign-up by September 30, for discounts valid through December 31, 2019.

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